Television Work

I did a fair bit of work with video at Bournemouth University and a lot of it is online for people to watch and – hopefully – marvel at.

Bangin’ News

This was made for an assignment to make a five minute children’s news show. As part of a team of six – Charlotte Gay, James Hibberd, Dan Welling, Hellie Viegas and Alice Simons-Denville – I helped to come up with some of the ideas for the show, film and edit parts of the package. Not only was it an enormous amount of fun – filming in a Lazer Quest = fourth best moment of Uni – but it was good practice for other projects that the group would do together.

The Edge: 

The second half of our TV assignment in second year focused on producing a short documentary that focused on a social issue. We worked in the same team we had for Bangin’ News and as part of this team, I lead the efforts on editing the package together, as well as helping out with some of the filming. During the editing process, I sourced copyright free music, plotted out the structure for the documentary and cut the footage to fit our time limit.


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