Hannibal’s cancelled, but is there hope for another course?

Hannibal’s surprisingly swift cancellation should come as very bad news for TV lovers who prefer it when great shows get to stay on our screens. It’s also sad news for the fannibals of Mads Mikkleson’s perfect cheekbones. However, news of NBC giving up on the relatively cheap-to-produce show could mean Hannibal will become the latest beloved cult entry on the merry-go-wheel of revived TV shows. Here is some – major – speculation of potential saviours for everyone’s favourite questionable chef.

I mean you could cut a man's liver on them cheekbones!

I mean you could cut a man’s liver on them cheekbones!


Specifically mentioned in the past as being interested in picking Hannibal up should it be cancelled on NBC, Amazon could be mulling over the decision yet again. It’s Prime Original shows – to put it kindly – haven’t quite captured public imagination as much as Netflix’s shows have, so having an inbuilt audience who would be willing to venture onto Instant Prime could give the service a shot in the arm and generate some very positive word of mouth.


This year saw the end of Mad Men, AMC’s prestige drama series about people sternly looking out onto the Manhattan skyline while drinking. More importantly, that show’s end creates a gap in the cable channel’s portfolio for a critically beloved but barely viewed masterpiece. Hannibal ticks both those boxes and help AMC to continue rivalling HBO in producing the best American television. Plus, AMC clearly aren’t too fussed about gore, which would be perfect fit for Hannibal.


Netflix currently have a great track record in keeping cancelled shows from the TV graveyard. There’s the US remake of The Killing and the improbable 4th season of Arrested Development. Hannibal would not only come with three seasons to help build up an audience, it would also cater to horror fans which Netflix aimed it’s err, divisive, werewolf series Hemlock Grove at. In many ways, Netflix might be better for Hannibal, as I’d bet there are plenty of streamers who haven’t given the show a shot but would do if it turned up in the Recently Added queue.

Sky Atlantic

Hannibal is currently shown on Sky Living, an odd choice as it would certainly fit in well with the higher brow American imports on Sky Atlantic. While this is incredibly unlikely, Sky have been throwing around cash this year at big-budget productions – give us a wave, Fortitude – and it’s Netflix competitor Now TV could use a show that is permanently on the service to entice people.


It’s Not TV, It’s HBO as their advertising slogan goes. They’ve made their name of giving difficult shows a chance to flourish for critical kudos – hey look, it’s another sentence telling you to watch The Wire! – and yeah, Hannibal is a show that could be described as difficult to watch. But having a distinctive, stylistic programme would fit it’s voice and it should satisfy the fans whose bloodlust is running dangerously low when Game of Thrones is off the air.

Yahoo Screen

With the recently revived Community used as a way to drum up attention for Yahoo’s free-to-watch service, Hannibal would be another very big scalp for Yahoo. It would certainly generate as many pixel inches as Community’s revival did – well, before it started airing – as Yahoo swoops in to save the day, but more importantly, it would add a different flavour, to the content that’s already airing on the site, drawing in a significantly different audience.

Think Hannibal is doomed to starve to death (sorry) or has he got a few more meals in him (I have a problem). Let me know what you think in the comments. And while you’re at, sign this petition so all the bod’s listed above know there’s an audience for it.


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