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My own project blog yo!

My own project blog yo!

As you may have gathered from all my oblique and subtle (read: incredibly blunt) references to being a student, from time to time I had to do work for my course.

One of those pesky bits of “work” was a huge, sprawling project known as the MMP – the Major Multimedia Project.

As a gamer and somebody who was – and still is – in need of shifting some of the built up fat that three years of student living will do to you, I decided to see just how well fitness games actually work.

The aim? To produce a blog, video package, podcast and feature all around the topic of fitness videogames, the focus being on how well they worked, natch.

After three months, four games, four housemates who developed an intimate knowledge of my sweaty musk and one all nighter, the project was complete.

By clicking here – or on that wonderful picture up there – you can see an interview with independent developer and co-creator of Zombie’s Run Adrian Hon, a podcast with senior games analyst Ted Pollak, a huge feature into the current state of fitness games and lots – lots and lots and lots – of videos of me exercising and looking straight up insane.
I even got a 2:1 for it, so that’s a promise that it won’t be your biggest waste of time today!


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