I’ve contributed to a variety of websites which would look a little bare if I gave them their own page, so I’m giving them all a nice – hopefully more fleshed out – home here.


Buzz is the site used by Bournemouth University journalism students to showcase their talents and – being one of them – I was known to upload pieces of my work to it… But only because I would fail my degree if I didn’t.

My portfolio on BUzz

Bournemouth Rock

The Bournemouth Rock is Bournemouth University’s new student newspaper and it’s recently launched website hosts an article I wrote about Dead Space 3 and it’s microtransactions. Unfortunately it’s called a game review, but these things happen.

Dead Space 3 Opinion Piece


Gamereactor.eu is a great gaming website where you can a healthy fix of gaming-related goodness. I’ve been fortunate enough to write for it on a few occassions:

Feature: Gaming Junk Food

Game Review: Blades of Time

Game Review: Birds of Steel


News article: Ubisoft E3’s 2012 conference 

Pixel Bedlam

Pixel Bedlam is a self-described sanctuary for geeks and nerds and it’s there where you’ll be able to get thought provoking articles… And a smattering of my own work.

Feature: Does 48fps improve The Hobbit? 

Feature: Why you should care the Fringe finale

Game Review: Rocketbirds – Hardboiled Chicken review

The Popcorn Muncher 

The Popcorn Muncher is run by the extremely talented Tom Beasley, who is currently studying Multimedia Journalism at Bournemouth University, and features plenty of thoughtful reviews and articles about films. He was kind/silly enough for to ask me to provide a guest post.



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