7Bit Arcade

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Here is all the work that has been published on 7bitarcade.com

Album Review: Common Mama – Common Mama EP

Album Review: Satellites – 02

Album Review: French For Cartridge – We Humans

Album Review: The Young Things – Hello Love // Goodbye Sexual

EP Review: Deco Child – Skinless

Album Review: Port St. Willow – Holiday

Album Review: Dan Michaelson and the Coastguards – Blindspot

Album Review: Deptford Goth – Life After Defo

Album Review: The Rockingbirds – Return of the Rockingbirds

Album Review: Deep Sea Arcade – Outlands

Album Review: Wintersleep – Hello Hum

Album Review: Jack Beats – Careless

Album Review: Blonds – The Bad Ones

Album Review: Paul Cook and The Chronicles – Volume One

Album Review: Katatonia – Dead End Kings

EP Review: Post War Glamour Girls – Tragic Loss, He Had Such A Lovely House

EP Review: Illls Dark Paradise

Album Review: Jupiter – Juicy Lucy

Album Review: Geoff Farina – Wishes of the Dead

Album Review: The Prestige – Black Mouths

Live Review: Seth Lakeman

Games articles for 7Bit

7Bit used to feature articles on gaming before they decided to focus purely on music. Because I wrote loads (and loads) of words for them about games, I thought I would put up the stuff that was taken down as well as link to the stuff that wasn’t.

Opinion: How Tony Hawks Shaped My Music Taste

Opinion: Onlive – A journey into cloud gaming

Opinion: Single Player Only: When is multiplayer unnecessary?

Opinion: Why narratives are the best advancement of this generation

Feature: Top 7 Alternate Uses for Bad Games 

Feature: Top 7 Ill advised spin offs

Feature: Film directors who should make games

Feature: Elaborate uses for the Wii U

Game Review: Syndicate

Game Review: Worms Crazy Golf

Game Review: Worms Ultimate Mayhem

Game Review: Bastion


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