Scratched Disc Podcast

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Between 2012 and 2013 myself, Callum Alexander and Matt Mace worked on a podcast that was devoted to going pointlessly off topic and trying to talk about video games. When we did this, people seemed to liked it. One of our iTunes review even went as far to say “A funny, banter – the good kind – filled podcast that I look forward to every week.”

While leaving university and a string of final year projects ultimately derailed the podcast, this page has links to all the episodes we uploaded originally. You can listen to us jabber on about porn parodies, games we forced each other to play and FIFA. Lots of FIFA.

Without further ado, enjoy the complete collection of the Scratched Disc Podcast!


Episode One Banner

Episode One: Beyond Good and Podcast

Episode Two Banner

Episode Two: Super Podcast Family Members

Episode Three Banner

Episode Three: Timesplitters Future Podcast

Episode Four Banner

Episode Four: Porn Parody Games Ahoy!

Episode Five Banner

Episode Five: Merry Podmass Everyone

Episode Six Banner

Episode Six: Alone In The Podcast

Episode Seven Banner

Episode Seven: Rambling In The Snowcast

Episode Eight Banner

Episode Eight: Big Dirty Stinking Podcast

Episode Nine Banner

Episode Nine: Fists Of Awesome(-ly Good Interviews)

Episode Ten Banner

Episode 10: Competitions And Controllers

Episode Eleven Banner

Episode Eleven: Playstation 4-cast

Episode Twelve Banner

Episode Twelve: March Madness


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