Ben Studio EditedAs well as writing words, I also have a fair bit of fun recording them and putting them online. Since 2011, I’ve been recording podcasts along with Callum Alexander and Matt Mace across two different series. With a bit of wrangling, I’ve got all of these podcasts together in one place, along with a few others I’ve recorded as part of my Uni course.

The Semi-Official 7Bit Arcade Podcast Season 1 Page

The Semi-Official 7Bit Arcade Podcast Season 2 Page

Scratched Disc Podcast Page


Royal Podcast

Produced as part of my first year online assignment, it was designed to produce an irreverent twist on the news of the royal wedding. None of the drinks we “researched” or “reviewed” were consumed, probably for the safety of our livers.

GamesRadar UK 017: Duck Chainsaw

As part of my second week of work experience with GamesRadar, I was asked if I wanted to appear on their podcast. The above link should give you a clue for my answer. A fantastic experience, where I got to babble – I was at very high levels of excitement – about Max Payne 3 and games I thought were 10/10.


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