I also got to wear the Nathan wig. The pride I felt will ripple through my family for generations.

Here are the links to bits of work that have been published on while doing work experience there or freelancing for them.

For bonus fun, check out the time I lent my “annoying 12 year old” voice to the majestic Gamesradar UK podcast:


Bedlam Review

Lego Dimensions Review

Oh, Rocket League… You’ve Changed

8 ‘creative’ ways FIFA 16 could represent modern football

Ten most depressing trophy statistics

Too many trinkets: Games with far too many collectibles

The 8 most extreme bodies in videogames

From classes to controllers: the students running their own games company

8 lessons game streaming can learn from Netflix

What if Videogames were stocks and shares?

8 great gaming tips if you’re not going next-gen

Choosing the best team for you on FIFA 14

8 TV shows that need games

Student life lessons you already know thanks to videogames


Gamesradar UK Podcast 17 – Duck Chainsaw

2012 Work Experience

This year’s E3 “crossed a line of taste”, says Deus Ex and Epic Mickey dev Warren Spector

Quantum Conundrum aims to defeat physics by turning itself into a TV show

Looking forward to Gears of War: Judgment? We’ve got some bad news for you…

Games Britannia: Replayed brings new games and industry experts to Sheffield

Mass Effect 3: Secret details of as-yet-unannounced ‘Leviathan’ DLC discovered in Extended Cut

FIFA 13: Addicted to Ultimate Team? You’ll definitely want to take a look at the pre-order bonuses EA has got lined up

Nintendo talks Wii U launch price, still declines to reveal what it is. JUST TELL US ALREADY!

Has there been a better Final Fantasy since Final Fantasy 7? Apparently not, says Square Enix boss

Mojang dangles first footage of Scrolls (don’t panic Bethesda – no-one is going to mistake this for Skyrim)

2011 Work Experience

EA backtracks (slightly) over disturbing data-mining Origin user agreement


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