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The Evil Within Review: Survival Horror Revival

This definitive, essential review of a 6 month old game was conducted on the PS4

If you were inclined to count the number of ‘homages’ The Evil Within pays to the past of Shinji Mikami, you might start to wonder if you accidently bought a HD remake of any of the Resident Evils. The guttural revs of a chainsaw, the looming mansion and, of course, disfigured monsters who routinely try to discover what your insides look like. For horror fans, it’s like stepping through the front door at Christmas and having childhood memories flood back. But this isn’t a mere greatest hits throwback, The Evil Within is an attempt to drag the survival horror genre into the future.

Hmm, don’t suppose you know a Mr. Pyramid Head, do you?

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GTA Online: How to get the most out of Grand Theft Auto Online

Originally written for Nerve Magazine. 

We’ve spent nearly all of our free time last month on Rockstar’s masterpiece Grand Theft Auto V. No matter how you feel about the game, it’s insane success –$1 billion in three days is both insane and successful– has made it inescapable. But to get the most out of Los Santos, you’re going to need a little help from your local student paper; so chuck that unlucky fellow out of the car, clamber in and get ready for a spin through Los Santos.

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Michael De Santa’s Meltdown and other Vinewood reviews

Written originally for Nerve Magazine. I edited in some words for fun. 

Los Santos isn’t all murder, mayhem and objectionable morals. Most of the time, you’ll want to forgo the chaos and just sit back, relax and watch some of Vinewood’s finest cinematic achievements. So what would the reviews read like in GTA’s world? I wasn’t going to sit back and wonder for too long, so I got on my best creative writing cut-offs plus an old Bloc Party t-shirt and set to work on creating the sort of reviews that would have been written in Los Santos and Blaine County.


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Forgetting the future: a rant against HD Remakes

What’s the connective tissue between Silent Hill, Devil May Cry, Sly Cooper and Fable? Apart from being some damn fine games according to everyone who’s played them, they all have crisp HD remakes.

And everyone loves HD remakes, right?

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10G for feeling dirty – The most insulting achievements

Originally written for 7Bit Arcade, the original has since been taken down, this one has been edited to make it read better and stuff.

When achievements were first introduced, the majority of gamers became slaves to them. Invisible points that unlocked nothing more than a smug sense of pride they may have been, but for those who got caught up in the whirlwind of trying to get every single point that was possible, their compulsion was undeniable.

Yet, in the harsh light of 2011, some achievements have started to infuriate us. Is it because they have simply just outgrown their welcome? Or maybe it’s because we all know one person who has spent far too much time trying to harvest a massive Gamerscore? Possibly, but there is a far more obvious reason why achievement and trophies have felt like a next-gen hangover and that’s the fact some types are more insulting than a half-hearted QTE. Not spit on your shoes and punch you in the face insulting, but certainly gear-grinding enough for a list of the types of achievements we don’t want to see anymore.

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Worms Crazy Golf Preview

Originally written for 7Bit. Edited to make it read better and stuff. First published October 2011

Sport games very rarely occupy the same space as puzzle games, but Worms: Crazy Golf is aiming to hammer the two together. So, Team 17 not only need to convince fans that Bazookas and Grenades taking a back seat to drivers and putters is a good thing, they also have an even bigger test of convincing everyone that sports and puzzles can work together.

Worms Crazy Golf 1

Just the tip of a very crazy iceberg

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D.O.A – Death of Achievements

(I write for a site called www.7bitarcade.com, which currently specialise in music, but also used to cover videogames. I thought I’d upload the article I wrote when applying for the job)

Before this generation, when we achieved something in a game, there was little in terms of tangible rewards. Take ace side-scroller Viewtiful Joe, for example. Sure, you couldn’t help but feel all fuzzy inside when it was finally beaten and the ol’ self-esteem didn’t suffer from being completely awesome (cough) at it, but what was to show for it? Nothing, save for a lonely couple of bytes on a memory card.

So when the 360 first launched six years ago, it brought with it many a wonder. Online gameplay that actually worked, which meant we could finally hear what teenagers were bellowing at us online. Shiny graphics, which were able to render every single shade of brown and grey known to man and how can we forget DLC, which lead to a revolution in horse armour that was purchasable.

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