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The Evil Within Review: Survival Horror Revival

This definitive, essential review of a 6 month old game was conducted on the PS4

If you were inclined to count the number of ‘homages’ The Evil Within pays to the past of Shinji Mikami, you might start to wonder if you accidently bought a HD remake of any of the Resident Evils. The guttural revs of a chainsaw, the looming mansion and, of course, disfigured monsters who routinely try to discover what your insides look like. For horror fans, it’s like stepping through the front door at Christmas and having childhood memories flood back. But this isn’t a mere greatest hits throwback, The Evil Within is an attempt to drag the survival horror genre into the future.

Hmm, don’t suppose you know a Mr. Pyramid Head, do you?

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Top 7 Ill-advised spin offs

Originally written for 7Bit Arcade, the original has since been taken down, this one has been edited to make it read better and stuff.

As easy as it is to moan about the death of originality and lack of new IPs, sometimes it’s just as simple to forget just how many great things have come from taking a tested idea and putting a new spin on it. Mario has more pies than fingers by now, Snake- sorry, Big Boss – has had some remarkable peace walking adventures and Donkey Kong got his own country. All thanks to the concept of spin-offs.

Shame that’s for a different article. Because today we’ll be looking at when things don’t go exactly to plan. Maybe the concept isn’t up to scratch or the execution let’s it down. Even for the games we couldn’t play, the history books haven’t been kind to them. Whatever the problem, here is the top seven games that were best left in the planning stage.

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