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Peggle 2 is Pure Evil.

What is true horror? Is it the heart palpitations as the Alien breaths into the locker you’re sinking into? How about the the sweaty palms and laboured breathing that accompanies any trip to Outlast’s Asylum? Some purists might even argue true terror is the roar of a chainsaw as it gobbles up Leon Kennedy’s neck. All those are incorrect. You’re yet to know true mind-destroying terror until you have tumbled into the twisted evil that is Peggle 2.

Yes, the bright and cheery puzzler with unicorns, primary colours and Ode To Joy. Book a trip into a nice padded room, because a trip through Peggle’s madness will alter your soul.

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Videogames, Parents and Neglect: Why Mainstream Media Needs To Catch Up

If you let your child play inappropriate videogames, you could be reported for neglect. That’s the message coming from the Nantwich Education Partnership according to the BBC. As someone who has sold games for a living since 2008 and been writing about them for just as long, it’s hard not to be a little bit conflicted about this well intentioned piece of news.

A part of me thinks it’s a step in the right direction and the reason for that is my time in sales. I worked at a chain who sell games from 2008 to 2010 and I recently joined again last year. Any retail job has a long list of problems, but my biggest issue throughout all the hours spent behind tills and on the shop floor was ignorant parents.

Where the parents, ey? Get it together stock photo kid.

Where the parents, ey? Get it together stock photo kid.

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Wolfenstein, Valiant Hearts and the promise of better narratives in war games.

Wolfenstein: The New Order and Valiant Hearts share a (tenuous) connection which is they are both about historical wars. Wolfenstein’s might be about a fictitious WW2 where the Nazi’s won and Valiant Heart focuses on a WW1 that has one foot in reality and another in story, but this link is hopefully the start of war games looking towards narrative as a way of engaging gamers outside of the usual online battlefields.

Pictured: Some sweet, sweet character drama... With robo-Nazis

Pictured: Some sweet, sweet character drama… With robo-Nazis

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Catching Up: WRC 4

Recently, I ran into a bit of luck and won a copy of World Rally Championship 4 for PS3 from Hot Radio. So, cheers for that Hot Radio!

World Rally Championship 4 is a bit of an anomaly, because very few games exist twice. The first time a WRC 4 saw the light of day was in the PS2 era, when Evolution studios were the developers behind the franchise. Now it belongs to developer Milestone and Big Ben Interactive and they’ve added FIA World Championship to its official title. Now I never really played the original series – unless a few old OPM demos count – or this new series, but WRC 4 has enough about it to make it a fascinating but flawed introduction to the series.

WRC 4 Review after the jump!

WRC 4 Review after the jump!

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Why narratives are the best advancement of this generation

Originally written for 7Bit Arcade, the original has since been taken down, this one has been edited to make it read better and stuff. All details were correct at time of writing.

Gaming isn’t what it used to be. There was a time where one single, but brilliant, gameplay concept would be enough to ensure a game’s classic status. From the platform perfection of Mario on the NES or the puzzling masterpiece of Tetris, games became our favourite medium because they were superbly designed to play. But with the advent of HD gaming, we’ve seen a much more thrilling invention from my point of view…

Strong narratives.

Those at the back, please stop scoffing. Because, for me personally, the future of games won’t be in stereoscopic 3D graphics, the battlefields of online or a few more polygons, but it’ll be within a games ability to engage emotions and develop an interest in the story itself and not just the way you play through it. In this young gamer’s eyes, games really need a strong narrative.

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Top 7 Alternate Uses for Bad Games

Originally written for 7Bit Arcade, the original has since been taken down, this one has been edited to make it read better and stuff.

We here at 7bit towers/dungeons enjoy our games. We have to, otherwise this site would be incredibly boring and duller than ditchwater to read. But, as much as we love gaming, we have to face facts and admit that not every game is brilliant. Hell, some games aren’t even very good. This brings us to a very troubling dilemma… What do you do with a bad game?

If you answered with “Trade it in or sell it online”, well done, you’re clearly a saner man than myself. But why go for sanity when you can go for awesome? One way gives you a slight return on your investment; our way gives you the fun that the game originally promised. In this latest Top 7, we’ve compiled some of the more extravagant ideas you can utilise for getting the best out of bad games.

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Forgetting the future: a rant against HD Remakes

What’s the connective tissue between Silent Hill, Devil May Cry, Sly Cooper and Fable? Apart from being some damn fine games according to everyone who’s played them, they all have crisp HD remakes.

And everyone loves HD remakes, right?

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Far Cry 3 Review

Short review for Nerve Magazine

Rip up our best of list from 2012, because Far Cry 3 comes diving into all the competition and doesn’t leave a single one standing. An open world shooter that boasts an exotic playground filled to the brim with murderously fun activities, Far Cry 3 is the shot in the arm that first person shooters desperately needed. You’re thrust into the shoes of privileged American Jason Brody who seemed to have forgot to make a mental note about going on vacation to murderous pirate islands. Things naturally go sour in minutes.

Admittedly, the narrative is a little on the bland side but it is filled with fascinating characters whose fates you’ll want to find out. Far Cry 3’s real achievement comes from the gameplay that lets you decide how you want to tackle your objectives. Do you want to watch the world burn by destroying everything in sight or quietly sneak through the pirate army? Add in some inspired upgrades that actually empower you slowly throughout plus some solid multiplayer options and you’ve got the best shooter of 2012.

Elaborate Uses for the Wii U

Originally written for 7Bit Arcade, the original has since been taken down, this one has been edited to make it read better and stuff.

In all the excitement of the last few months in gaming, it’s been hard to remember that 2012 could see the release of a brand new console, ushering the next generation of games for us all to get excited over. The Wii U is Nintendo’s first step into the HD graphics world, following on from the immensely popular Wii, the controller is once again one of the most fascinating aspects…

Let’s be blunt. You don’t care about all the ordinary stuff about the Wii U. We don’t blame you. As interesting as what the Wii U is promising to do, think of the potential of what it isn’t promising to do. Today, we have a look at some of the completely sane and not at all bizarre plans we have for our Wii U.

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Why Gamestation’s death was overdue

So Gamestation has passed into the great beyond, well, according to MCV anyway. At the Game Conference, it was announced that all stores will now operate under the GAME brand, leaving Gamestation – first founded as an independent in York in 1993 – to undergo a cosmetic change and be fully assimilated into its current overload parents, like a high street Borg. As a former GAME employee (and one who is relatively fond of their continued presence on the high street) it’s an ultimately unsurprising move.

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