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Red Hoodwinked: What Rocksteady Can Do To Give Arkham Knight’s DLC Purpose

I’ve got some massive spoilers for Arkham Knight and it’s DLC lined up, so best to avoid all the words underneath if you prefer not to know what goes on in it.

Last week, the latest bits of Batman DLC rolled in the thoroughly underwhelming Under The Red Hood and Harley Quinn level packs. Offered as pre-order incentives to begin with, players who somehow managed to find a copy of the game without these included have the chance to squeeze a bit more out of Arkham Knight by stumping up some cash. Well, a bit more is an exaggeration, as combined they offer 35 minutes worth of gameplay. That’s less than an episode of Gotham or a head-scratching Riddler challenge.


Pictured: Something better than Under The Red Hood

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Elaborate Uses for the Wii U

Originally written for 7Bit Arcade, the original has since been taken down, this one has been edited to make it read better and stuff.

In all the excitement of the last few months in gaming, it’s been hard to remember that 2012 could see the release of a brand new console, ushering the next generation of games for us all to get excited over. The Wii U is Nintendo’s first step into the HD graphics world, following on from the immensely popular Wii, the controller is once again one of the most fascinating aspects…

Let’s be blunt. You don’t care about all the ordinary stuff about the Wii U. We don’t blame you. As interesting as what the Wii U is promising to do, think of the potential of what it isn’t promising to do. Today, we have a look at some of the completely sane and not at all bizarre plans we have for our Wii U.

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