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Minisode – PlayStation VR

OPM's Podcast Blog

Welcome back to the Official PlayStation Magazine UK Podcast. This minisode, Team Bennifer discuss PlayStation VR’s price and what games they’re excited for, while Matt talks about going hands on (or should that be eyes in?) with the headset at GDC. One game in particular stands out and it’s not what you would expect…

Click here to listen.

We’ll see you back here on the 1st April for the next podcast. No fools, promise!

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OPM Podcast 2016 – Issue 121

OPM's Podcast Blog

Like Snake springing out of his cardboard box, the team behind OPM UK are sneaking up on you with a brand new podcast. In this return episode, we discuss Jen Simpkins’ huge feature on No Man’s Sky, Matthew Pellett’s journey to the depths of the ocean in Abzu and Ben Tyrer’s prehistoric adventures in Far Cry Primal.

There’s chatter about Street Fighter V, Bloodborne, Crypt of the Necrodancer and even why one team member can’t put down Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth.

Don’t worry, the wait until our next episode will be much shorter: we’ll be back on Friday 18 March with a mini-episode discussing the PlayStation VR event at GDC, and on 1 April we’ll be talking about the biggest PlayStation game of the year: Uncharted 4.

OPM Podcast – Issue 121

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Hannibal’s cancelled, but is there hope for another course?

Hannibal’s surprisingly swift cancellation should come as very bad news for TV lovers who prefer it when great shows get to stay on our screens. It’s also sad news for the fannibals of Mads Mikkleson’s perfect cheekbones. However, news of NBC giving up on the relatively cheap-to-produce show could mean Hannibal will become the latest beloved cult entry on the merry-go-wheel of revived TV shows. Here is some – major – speculation of potential saviours for everyone’s favourite questionable chef.

I mean you could cut a man's liver on them cheekbones!

I mean you could cut a man’s liver on them cheekbones!

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Films of 2013

Having completely missed the timing of the best of lists, I’m just getting around to writing lists of things I liked last year. If you agree or disagree, let me know in the comments!

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Lizard-y Benedict Cumberbatch

Only a die-hard Jackson fan would argue that the first Hobbit takes forever to be an engaging adventure. Maybe it’s the unnecessary introduction with Frodo or the whole debate around HFR, but whatever disappointments came with the first journey back to the Shire, Hobbit 2 wastes no time in being better. Much better. The entire barrel sequence fizzles with an energy that the first one lacked, as the camera whizzes between action and laughs. Okay, it’s overly long and lacks a definitive ending, but it finally feels like the return to Middle Earth that I had craved a year ago.

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