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The Evil Within Review: Survival Horror Revival

This definitive, essential review of a 6 month old game was conducted on the PS4

If you were inclined to count the number of ‘homages’ The Evil Within pays to the past of Shinji Mikami, you might start to wonder if you accidently bought a HD remake of any of the Resident Evils. The guttural revs of a chainsaw, the looming mansion and, of course, disfigured monsters who routinely try to discover what your insides look like. For horror fans, it’s like stepping through the front door at Christmas and having childhood memories flood back. But this isn’t a mere greatest hits throwback, The Evil Within is an attempt to drag the survival horror genre into the future.

Hmm, don’t suppose you know a Mr. Pyramid Head, do you?

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Catching Up On… Rayman Legends

I’ve been pretty slack on here recently thanks to a combination of freelancing, work and, finally, dipping my feet into YouTube obscurity.

So, to kick off with, I’ve gone and made a video about my love of Rayman Legends! And it’s just below this here sentence.


It would be great to hear what you think about, so let me know what you like or disliked in the comments section below!


Tomb Raider: The (Non) Definitive Review

I discuss major/massive/huge spoilers for Tomb Raider. And by discuss, I mean I will tell you what happens at the very end of the game.

Consider yourself forewarned and forearmed. Oh and I played it on PS3.

Tomb Raider is an iconic series in plenty of senses of the word. If by some miracle you’ve landed here and aren’t a gamer, there’s still a very healthy chance that you know who Lara Croft is. Then there’s the fact that Crofty’s original 3D adventure is considered required reading for gamers in the 90’s. Alas, my youth meant the majority of my experiences with Lara was a) Croft Manor, b) frozen butlers and c) getting really close to the end of Tomb Raider: Legend.

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Catching Up: WRC 4

Recently, I ran into a bit of luck and won a copy of World Rally Championship 4 for PS3 from Hot Radio. So, cheers for that Hot Radio!

World Rally Championship 4 is a bit of an anomaly, because very few games exist twice. The first time a WRC 4 saw the light of day was in the PS2 era, when Evolution studios were the developers behind the franchise. Now it belongs to developer Milestone and Big Ben Interactive and they’ve added FIA World Championship to its official title. Now I never really played the original series – unless a few old OPM demos count – or this new series, but WRC 4 has enough about it to make it a fascinating but flawed introduction to the series.

WRC 4 Review after the jump!

WRC 4 Review after the jump!

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Catching Up On… Spec Ops: The Line

The Playstation Plus service is constantly churning out classics to download on the instant game collection and this time around I was tentatively excited to play Spec Ops: The Line, Yager’s Heart Of Darkness inspired shooter that plenty of articles promised was more than meets the eye. I had hopes that it would be a rare breed of military shooter, one that engaged on a narrative level without pandering to the spectrum of fans who just like digitized murder. Nothing prepared me for what happened next…

Massive spoilers ahead, if you like the idea of playing a game and having what it makes great ruined, by all means go ahead.

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Catching up on: Prey

Throughout my blog, I’ll be sprinkling reviews on stuff I’ve only just caught up with and I’m desperate to write about. Enjoy!

Reviewed for Xbox 360, Multiplayer not touched because I have too many games to play

Recently, Kotaku has been informing the wider gaming community that Prey 2 is probably going to be developed by Arkane Studios. That’s good news for a few reasons, the most selfish of which being that it makes this retrospective review of Prey a whole lot more relevant. I was fortunate enough to get it for just under £3 in a recent Xbox sale and approached it pretty clean. I knew it had guns, aliens and some portals and that like a few 3D Realms games of the modern era – insert incredibly tired reference to Duke Nukem Forever here- it had a protracted development. Outside of that, all Prey was to me was an early 360 title that would probably be worth than the £2.79 I had to shell out for it.

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