Splicing games together to make super games!

How many times have you been playing a game and found yourself quietly wishing you could swap certain aspects? The gameplay may be fantastic, but it’s attached to a story you couldn’t give a flying hoot about. Or perhaps it possess an amazing sandbox world, but you just wish the driving was a tonne smoother (get it together, GTA IV). I’ve got far too much time on my hands and thought what games would go together like milk with cereal or Everton and boss footballers.

Recently I’ve been sketching out some ideas that takes two games and crossbreeds. I’m basically an evil scientist, just without the white coat and questionable lack of ethics. Here’s the result of mad tinkering/bored daydreams.

Mirror’s Edge + Assassin’s Creed

Mirror’s Edge is revered for it’s free running mechanics and rightly so, in full flow it felt like no other first person game. While Assassin Creed still ticks plenty of boxes when it comes to it’s open world antics, mixing in the first person free-running that Faith pioneered would be the sort of kick the series has needed for a while. Just imagine parrying a guard off a rooftop, leaping away from roof to roof and slipping away undetected into the night all in first person… Wait, did I just describe Far Cry?

L.A. Noire + The Walking Dead: Season 1

L.A. Noire had some amazingly detailed graphics — the motion capture on the faces of it’s amazing cast of actors is probably as lifelike as we’ll ever see on the PS3 — but it’s story never quite caught fire. In the end, it left you wondering if you were meant to actually like anyone in it. This is where we mix in The Walking Dead’s brilliant characterization. Lee might have been a murderer, but his relationship with Clementine was light years ahead of anything with LA Norie. With the right blend of graphical oomph and strong storyline, we could have the noir masterpiece promised the first time around.


Pro Evolution Soccer will never have the licensed clout of FIFA — for fairly obvious reasons — but with PES 2015, it finally has an engine that plays a better game of football than EA’s premier sports franchise (soz Madden). An ultimate concoction of FIFA’s flash and PES’s substance would create the football game to end all football games. Well, for 2015 anyway.

Uncharted 2 + Gears Of War 2

Uncharted 2 remains a shining light of the PS3 because of the fact that it’s the easiest game in the series to forget that Nathan Drake is pretty much a genocidal maniac. Also, it’s story is the Indiana Jones 4 we never got, so obviously it’s awesome. Gears Of War 2 meanwhile is still one of the meanest cover based shooters conceived, therefore the two couldn’t have been a better match if they tried. Uncharted’s story + Gear’s gameplay = solid gold.

Motorstorm Apocalypse + Burnout Paradise

Burnout Paradise is the best arcade racer ever made; eyeball meltingly fast and stacked with enough variety to keep every player happy, and while Paradise City itself is expertly designed, adding in the environmental destruction of Motorstorm Apocalypse would add a whole different dimension to the gameplay and make the twitchy steering all the more vital. How satisfying would it be to steer your rival into a falling bit of bridge? Answer: Very.

Call Of Duty + Valiant Hearts  

Not exactly the most compatible of bedfellows, but Valiant Hearts has the most well realised and handled story involving warfare on a console. Meanwhile, Call Of Duty has the sort of addictive gameplay that has enslaved an entire generation of teenagers to Xbox Live. There was a time when Call Of Duty’s focus was on it’s storyline and it could do a lot worse than marrying the heart of Valiant Hearts to it’s bullet-riddled explody rollercoaster campaign.

Super Mario + Rayman: Legends

One is revered as a platforming icon, the other is Rayman — who might not be held in quite the same esteem as Nintendo’s moustache-blessed handy man — but ol’ Ray does boast the most gorgeous graphical engine ever to run on a console. While Ubi Art’s gameplay certainly is incredibly strong, just how good could a re-energised 2D Mario be when painted in the same lush strokes that have became Rayman’s new calling card? The answer is… very, obviously.

What do you make of these concoctions? Worth a punt or maybe it’s time for me to actually finish off a few of the games I‘ve got instead of dicking about dreaming up ones that will never exist? Fire away in the comments below.


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