Far Cry 3 Review

Short review for Nerve Magazine

Rip up our best of list from 2012, because Far Cry 3 comes diving into all the competition and doesn’t leave a single one standing. An open world shooter that boasts an exotic playground filled to the brim with murderously fun activities, Far Cry 3 is the shot in the arm that first person shooters desperately needed. You’re thrust into the shoes of privileged American Jason Brody who seemed to have forgot to make a mental note about going on vacation to murderous pirate islands. Things naturally go sour in minutes.

Admittedly, the narrative is a little on the bland side but it is filled with fascinating characters whose fates you’ll want to find out. Far Cry 3’s real achievement comes from the gameplay that lets you decide how you want to tackle your objectives. Do you want to watch the world burn by destroying everything in sight or quietly sneak through the pirate army? Add in some inspired upgrades that actually empower you slowly throughout plus some solid multiplayer options and you’ve got the best shooter of 2012.


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