Sleeping Dogs Review

Short review for Nerve Magazine

The sleeper – yeah, I’m a bad writer and love a pun – hit of the summer, Sleeping Dogs is the adrenaline drenched wake up call the sandbox genre has needed since GTA 4. Where games like Saints Row and Prototype introduced silliness and mutations to the tried and true open world formula, Sleeping Dogs has a far more intriguing twist and casts you as an undercover cop in Hong Kong whose motivations are as murky as the city you’re thrust into.


A perfectly pitched story ensures the action is thrilling but never strays into repetition, while the insane attention to detail makes Hong Kong the most fascinating virtual city to explore since this generation’s Liberty City.  To top it all off, the combat is fast and brutal in a way that will remind you of glorious 80’s era Kung-Fu movies. While there are still a few months left in 2012, this could be the best game of the year.

(Edit: Yeah, Far Cry 3 and X-Com were a fair bit better in the end)


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